Zarwa Yaseen

99.40 ATAR

Head of Science

  • Dux of Al-Faisal College 2012
  • First Class Honours Graduate in Neuroscience at UNSW
  • Currently a Research Assistant at USYD

Ever since I was in high school, I enjoyed studying science and found it easy to do well in. What interested me about science was not only what I studied but understanding how science developed as a field and drastically changed the nature of reality as we know it. I found it fascinating how scientists investigate questions, experiment, and update/alter their understanding of natural phenomena. As I came to the end of high school and achieved a high ATAR, I was naturally pushed to pursue programs in a clinical setting. After studying optometry for 1.5 years, I realized that I was not satisfied with the somewhat narrow and limited role an optometrist occupies.


I continued to study science and really enjoyed my honours year at the end – a full year of research. Focusing on a specific question and employing experimental techniques to find answers was very stimulating and I fell in love with scientific research. I enjoyed engaging with how research is done instead of simply being taught the end conclusion.


After finishing my honours year, I got a job as a research assistant at Melanoma Institute Australia, located at the University of Sydney. While my honours year was spent in a small lab with one supervisor and two PhD students focusing on basic science, my current role is with a diverse team of researchers, clinicians and multiple PhD students doing translational research. Using state of the art technologies and techniques and having the opportunity to learn from highly qualified researchers is truly a humbling experience. I hope to pursue my interest in scientific research and explore different roles integral to the research process.