Muhammad Yaseen

ATAR: 99.80 | Co-Founder and Head of English

Dux of Al-Faisal College 2016

Economics/Law Student at The University of Sydney

Experienced English Tutor

Farhan Khan

ATAR: 99.15 | Head of Mathematics

Dux of Sydney Tech in 4-unit Math 2018

Experienced content creator for new math syllabus

Distinction Data Science student at UNSW

Taseen Awal

ATAR: 98.15

Dux of Sydney Tech in Physics 2018

Been teaching new Physics Syllabus since it came out

Medicine Student at UNSW

Zarwa Yaseen

ATAR: 99.40 | Head of Science

Dux of Al-Faisal College 2012

First Class Honours Graduate in Neuroscience at UNSW

Currently a Research Assistant at The University of Sydney