Muhammad Yaseen

ATAR: 99.80

Co-Founder and Head of English

  • Dux of Al-Faisal College 2016
  • Distinction Economics/Law student at USYD
  • 2 years of experience in HSC English Private Tuition

I have always believed that whenever you have the opportunity to do something meaningful, you should sieze that opportunity and never look back. For me, starting this tutoring centre is one of those things.

I went to a relatively small school in Sydney’s west and for much of my highschool life, my approach to my studies was not ideal. Though I was able to get decent marks by cramming last minute, as was the norm among most (if not all) high school students, I didn’t enjoy the stressful ‘exam-study-exam-study’ cycle. When I hit year 12, it became clear that a nonchalant attitude wasn’t helping me achieve my life goals. I had to pull my socks up and seriously give it my all.

This mindset is what made all the difference. 

Apart from receiving a high 99 ATAR, this mindset enabled me to develop so many of the passions I carry till today. For the first time, I took English seriously and quite unexpectedly, I slowly fell in love with the subject. I found it to be so much more than faking analysis about why the curtain is blue (if you know the meme, you know) and realised it was a way of connecting to so many powerful ideas and concepts present in our world today. My newfound love for reading and writing played a big part in me picking up the degree I’m currently in my 3rd year of  – Economics/Law at The University of Sydney. 

Empowering students to adopt the right mindset – not just in the HSC but in life overall – is a big part of why I co-founded this tutoring centre. It was a way to give back – to channel my own experiences of the HSC to the next generation. It was the meaningful opportunity that I had to sieze.