Pathways to Medicine

Are you looking to pursue Medicine? Do you want advice on how to prepare for the UCAT or GAMSAT? Have you already tried out for Medicine but now want to explore alternative pathways? Or do you simply need more information before you can decide whether this career is for you?

Whatever the case may be, do not miss out on this much-needed event where we will unpack everything you need to know about Medicine and how to maximise your chances of getting in! At this workshop, we will cover:

  • Preparation Insights & Advice on tackling UCAT and ATAR for High School Students
  • Preparation Insights & Advice on tackling GAMSAT for University Students and Graduates
  • Preparation Insights & Advice on acing Interviews
  • An Insider’s Breakdown of Application Process and Criteria for most Universities in NSW
  • Explore Common Concerns and Questions e.g. Is Medicine the right career for me? What is life like as a Med student? How hard is it to get into Medicine? How long till I become a fully qualified doctor? Is it too late to change careers and start Med school?
  • Extended QnA

Date: Sunday 20 December

Undergraduate Session Details
• 11am to 1pm
• For High School Students

Postgraduate Session Details
• 1.15pm to 3.15pm
• For Uni Students & Grads

Venue: 22 Mary St, Auburn 2144

Cost: Free

Refreshments Provided

Meet your Instructors

Ihsan Mohamed

Instructor for Undergraduate Session | Studying Medicine at Western Sydney University
"Medicine is unlike other courses in that the application process is so different compared to everything else. As a year 12 who's trying to study for the HSC and maintain some semblance of a life - the extra UCAT study, exam, applications and interviews can seem daunting and quite often confusing. I know I experienced this during my HSC year and I've since seen many medicine hopefuls go through the same struggle. I know that if it wasn't for older med students who helped me along the way, I would not have been anywhere near as equipped to face the challenges that year would bring. That's also why I've always been keen to guide younger students through the process, give them the complete insider breakdown, and coach them with interviews when it comes down to the crunch."

Raadee Mah

Instructor for Postgraduate Session | Studying Medicine at Sydney University
"Getting into Medicine was a complicated process..... to say the least. I started by talking to friends and family who were studying Medicine. They were the best sources of knowledge, having went through the entire process recently. I found out from them the biggest barrier that prevented people from getting into Medicine, the UCAT/GAMSAT. I focused most of my spare time on doing well in the GAMSAT, which I sat twice. After scoring a high mark I was faced with more admissions headache as each Medical School has its own admission requirements and admission timelines. I would love to give a little back and assist future Medical Students through the Admission Process by giving them a structure and plan to sit the GAMSAT, apply to Medicine and practise as a future physician."

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