Farhan Khan

ATAR: 99.15

Head of Mathematics

  • Dux of Sydney Technical High Ext 2 Math 2018
  • Experienced Resource Specialist for new Math syllabus
  • Distinction Data Science student at UNSW

“Hey Sir, when am I ever going to use Pythagoras’ Theorem in my life?”

This was the mentality that I used to have in my junior years. Although I was always able to perform well in my maths exams at school, I didn’t have much of a connection with the subject itself because I was simply unaware of the numerous powerful applications that mathematics has in our everyday lives.

What changed this mentality of mine was when I encountered this special maths tutor in year 10. He knew how to explain complex mathematical concepts in a very clear, yet concise manner. He was able to cater for students who were struggling with fundamentals to students aiming for state ranks. However, the most unique aspect of his teaching experience was that he would always link every mathematics concept that we had learnt back to real life applications.

With this newfound perspective on mathematics, I began to appreciate the complex mathematical processes that occur in our everyday world, and started to develop almost an obsession for the subject. It was at this point, the beginning of year 11 that my marks had significantly skyrocketed and had taken me to the top. 

Soon after, much of my free time was spent helping fellow peers at school with whatever maths questions that they struggled with. Being able to break down complicated concepts into small digestible steps and conveying them was something that came naturally to me. 

After graduating from high school in 2018, I decided to undertake the Bachelor of Data Science at UNSW, under the faculty of Mathematics & Statistics. This is one of many avenues that a career in mathematics can lead to and I can proudly say that I have never regretted my decision since. 

Alongside my university studies, I have gained a mastery over the new HSC Mathematics syllabi. Since 2018, I have been researching & developing new resources for tutoring centres, and I have tutored all kinds of students. Regardless of their level, a characteristic which they all now have in common is – a deep appreciation of the many wonderful applications mathematics has in our everyday lives.