Aisha Yaseen

ATAR: 99.00

Biology Tutor

  • Dux of Al-Faisal College 2014
  • 5 years of experience teaching HSC Biology
  • Medicine Student at UNSW

When I started highschool, I was an average student. I would receive 60’s, 70’s at best, and my parents were not impressed! I came from a family of overachievers and I was left unsure as to what I was doing wrong. I concluded that I just wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box…


But in the middle of highschool, I went from an average student to ranking top in my class, comfortably receiving above 90% in almost every exam. Suddenly I was the ‘smart’ one. Other students would come to ME for help. But what changed?


My technique! I realised that it wasn’t a matter of being smart, yet it was largely a matter of study technique. Every student is different, and I figured out what worked for me, which was largely writing notes based on syllabus dot points and spaced repetition. 


That is why I started tutoring. To help every student find what works best for them, just like I was able to find out what works for me. Some students work well with visual aids, some work well with explanations, everyone is different. I have been tutoring for 5 years now, and have helped a range of students with different capabilities and learning styles achieve their absolute best. 


As to why I tutor biology…because it’s the best subject there is? Partially true. I am fascinated with human life and all of its complexities. It makes a lot of sense and is intimately relevant to us as human beings. Infact, I loved it so much I decided to pursue a career in Medicine. I would much rather learn and teach how blood flows around our body than something boring like physics!


Only joking…