Why Profectus? 

Profectus is built on the belief that no student is too far from excellence. With the right resources, mentorship and mindset, the possibility of progress is always present.

99+ ATAR Tutors

Our Tutors know the ins and outs of what makes HSC markers tick. All high achievers in their own rights, they are masters of their subjects and ready to impart their knowledge to the next generation. While all of our tutors were high achievers, we’ve made it a point not to select them just for their marks. They are well rounded individuals, active members of society and can all simply teach. Further, our tutors have genuine passion for the subjects they teach and this has shown in the numerous testimonials they’ve received from students in the past.

High Band 6 Resources

Our Resources include notes and booklets that are designed to instill competence and confidence within our students. Written by some of the highest achievers in the state, these resources will be a strong asset for a student’s HSC. While knowing the content is a big part of most HSC subjects, it is no longer good enough to simply ‘know the content’. Exam questions in most courses are increasingly application based and ask for a level of familiarity that goes beyond a surface level understanding. Our resources have been written by some of the highest achievers in the state and have been developed to instil a rigorous understanding of the courses at hand.

Small Class Sizes

Individualised and focused attention is increasingly important for student success. School environments often fail to deliver tailored support to students due to large class sizes and hence, teaching resources being spread too thin. Students are unable to access the needed mentorship and targeted attention essential in the HSC journey. We’ve made a commitment to keep our class sizes small to make sure our teaching actually carries impact on an individual level.

Online and Onsite Classes

Quality tutoring needs to be accessible. We strongly believe that living far away from tutoring that achieves results should in no way limit ones potential. Our tutors have experience tutoring online and can leverage the full potential of online platforms to deliver lessons that are powerful, engaging and captivating. Further, students will get all the benefits, resources and individualised attention they would receive on-site – the only difference being they can access everything from the comfort of their own homes.